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Myobrace - How does it work?

Myofunctional therapy is a pre-orthodontic treatment which is focussed around the growing child, age 5-15 years, treating the underlying causes of crooked teeth by correcting poor habits such as mouth breathing, incorrect tongue position, reverse swallowing and thumb sucking.

Myobrace will improve general health and allow children to reach their maximum genetic cranial growth potential and neurological development.v>

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Myobrace incorporates a series of appliances that straighten teeth and develop jaws by teaching the tongue to sit in the correct position, correcting swallowing patterns and teaching children to breathe through their nose normally. The appliances are also designed to put light aligning forces on crooked teeth to straighten them and create a wider arch form. The effect produces not only straight teeth, but better facial development This reduces the need to use braces, and extractions are rarely needed.

The appliances are worn for 1-2 hours each day, plus overnight while sleeping. Depending on compliance a single course of treatment can take 12-18 months plus a period for retention 4-6 months.

A complete range of activities and training exercises are available and designed to assist in training your child’s tongue and lips as well as improve their breathing pattern, improving nasal breathing and oral-facial muscular function.

A successful treatment outcome requires good patient compliance.



Stages of Myobrace

Myobrace Steps

There are 3-4 stages of appliances per series that are designed for each age group and dentition. Myobrace appliances are designed to treat children according to their age.

1. J-series (3-6 years)
2. K-series (6-10 years)
3. T-series (10-15 years)
4. B series – Myobrace for braces
5. A series (15+ years)

In the T, B and A-series arch expansion appliances and/or fixed braces may be needed to assist further jaw development and tooth alignment.

Myobrace do not constitutes perfectly straight teeth therefore case finishing may require clear aligners or fixed braces. There is no need for fixed or removable retainers, however as part of the Myobrace series final retention appliances are worn for 4-6 months.

Myobrace Treatment

Myobrace® treatment starts with the habit correction and works through a combination of three or more appliances to correct the causes of orthodontic problems and align the teeth as they grow into the mouth. Treatment can begin as soon as the poor myofunctional habits are recognised however, older children have had more time for the incorrect habits and wrong growth patterns to establish, which can require extra effort for a successful treatment outcome. With good compliance, excellent results can be achieved.

For more information please call us our East Grinstead Surgery on 01342 313886 or our Hove Surgery on 01273 711507.

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